Gems and Sockets

Gem Types and Level

Users are able to unlock Gem Sockets once their Travel NFT reach a certain level, and are able to enhance their Travel NFT Attributes by inserting the corresponding Gems into the unlocked Sockets (i.e. only Efficiency Gems can be placed into Efficiency Sockets).

There are four types of Gems, with each Gem representing an Attribute:

  1. Yellow: Efficiency

  2. Blue: Luck

  3. Red: Comfort

  4. Purple: Resilience

By heading to the Upgrade tab under the Gems section, users can upgrade their Gems by burning GAS and combining 3 Gems of the same level and type to a higher level (i.e three Level-1 Efficiency Gems to one Level-2 Efficiency Gem).

STO will also be required to upgrade a Gem from Level 4 onward.

Note: Low level Gems Upgrade has a chance to fail.

Warning: There is a certain percentage Gem upgrade which can fail from Level 1 - 5, if the upgrade fails, users will lose their Gems.

Awakening Effect: Gem boosts the Base Attribute of the Travel NFT i.e. A Level 2 Efficiency Gem will boost a Level 0 Travel NFT with 5 Base Efficiency is 5 (Travel NFT Attribute) + 5 x 40% (Gem Awakening Effect to Travel NFT Attribute) + 8 (Gem Attribute) = 15.

Socket Types and Quality

A Travel NFT has four different Sockets, identified by colors that match a Gem type. Users insert Gems into the Socket to boost the Travel NFT's Attributes. One Socket is unlocked each time the Travel NFT reaches level 5, 10, 15, and 20 respectively. Higher Socket quality will give extra boost to the inserted Gem's Attribute.

Users will be able to see the Socket type without unlocking the socket, but NOT the Socket quality, which is determined by the Travel NFT's quality:

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