Travel NFT-Minting

Travel NFT-Minting

Travel NFT-Minting Event (SME) is when users use 2 Travel NFTs they own as a blueprint to “breed”, producing a Travel box in the process. For reference, the 2 Travel NFTs will be called Vintages (Parents). Both Vintages need to be in the user’s possession (not under lease) and have full durability to begin an SME.

Users can then select a Travel NFT, by heading to the Mint tab, choosing the Travel NFT to “breed” with, and pressing Mint to proceed. The user will instantly receive a Travel box that can be opened immediately.

Users can perform a maximum of 7 SMEs per Travel NFT. The higher SME count a Travel NFT has, the more GAS/STO it will cost. Travel NFT-Minting costs for each Vintage is calculated separately and added together for the final Minting cost.

Travel NFT-Minting has a 48-hour cool down for both Vintages – Travel NFTs can still be used for movement.

Dynamic Minting Costs

Minting cost = GAS (A) + base STO (B) + additional STO ([A+B]*x)

1. If GAS < $4, x = 0%;

2. If $4 < GAS < $8, x = 50%;

3. If $8 < GAS < $12, x = 100%;

4. If $12 < GAS < $16, x = 200%;

5. If $16 < GAS < $20, x = 400%;

6. If $20 < GAS < $30, x = 800%;

7. If $30 < GAS < $40, x = 1600%;

8. If $40 < GAS < $50, x = 3200%;

9. If GAS > $50, x = 6400%.

NOTE: Travel NFT-Minting cost will update daily on UTC 14:00.

The first two Travel NFT-Minting costs the same. Travel NFT-Minting has a chance to drop one extra Travel box. The higher the Mint count, the higher the chance to drop multiple Travel boxes.

The cost of Travel NFT-minting will be changed from time to time to balance the supply and demand of both GAS and STO.

Travel box Quality is determined by the Vintage Travel NFT's Quality:

Users will get a new Travel NFT once they open the Travel box, with the Travel NFT Quality determined by the Travel box Quality:

Note: Legendary Travel NFT drop is disabled at the moment.

The new Travel NFT type is determined by the two Vintage Travel NFT types:

The new Travel NFT's Socket type is determined by two Vintage Travel NFT's Socket types:

Travel NFT-Minting Variation

Travel NFT Attributes are randomized according to their quality, regardless of their Vintage’s Attributes.

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