Stepout is a Web3 traveler App, First traveler-to-earn (T2E) token travel you to earn on your travel all Whether it is fitness or work travel, you can receive tokens. Stepout for the future next Generation to turn every trip into money Why you pay for your travel every day, every month and get nothing back.
Why is it called Traveler? Because we have seen many projects that are only running or cycling, So we came up with the idea of how we can make the structure different from other projects. Our project focuses on traveling whether you are walking or running or even getting in the car or boat, where ever you go, What ever you do! You can make Rewards income. Usually no matter where you go, You have to pay for the ride. You need to refuel, When you get on the bus, You must to pay for ticket, Travel expenses, So we have an idea to help everyone, You can be used to make Rewards to reduce daily expenses, and you can still make a profit. That is why we created this project so that everyone can see the opportunity and get involved.
Note: STEPOUT is currently under Public Beta Phase, so contents in the Whitepaper could be changed in the future.
Last modified 1yr ago